The best Tokyo Hotels

Choosing a hotel in Tokyo can be a difficult task, since there are so many of them! Here are some of our absolute favourite Tokyo Hotels.

Andon Ryokan

A super cool and comfortable designer hotel i Tokyo, you should definitely check out their website for more information.

Capsule Hotels


These kind of hotels are very unique for Japan. If you haven´t slept in one before, I´d recommend that you try It out. It´s a fun and very unique experience!

The benefits of a memory foam mattress

foam mattressesMany individuals have problems with sleeping and are often looking for the best type of mattress that will suit them. The Memory foam mattress is becoming more popular as a functional mattress that can be used in a variety of different ways to sleep on if an individual is having problems during the night. A TOP rated foam mattress is not designed like the spring mattress that is the conventional bed. A memory foam mattress is designed to the individuals body and will assist with the different parts of the body that are slept on. These parts of the body will include the head, hips, the knees, the shoulders and the feet. The memory foam mattress is also effective at keeping a proper alignment of the spine. In this article we will take a look at some of the things to consider when looking at memory foam.

The need for memory foam

It is important that we get a good nights sleep. However, some individuals have problems with their sleeping and need to find an effective way to resolve this. Memory foam is becoming more and more popular as a formula to a good night sleep and has an effective response to the pressure and heat of the body which will keep the body weight balanced effectively.

Where has memory foam come from?

Memory foam is used in a lot of different situations and not just in the beds. It is used as the cushioning material in helmets and is also used in shoes so as to create a mold for the foot. Memory foam is also now used in beds and has had a lot of research carried out on it which shows that it is effective at helping the body in a number of different ways. The main thing that memory foam does is relieve the body from pressure when it is sleeping by creating a mold around the body which induces comfort that is pressure relieving. Memory foam is made from Polyurethane and has other chemicals that are built into it making it more dense than usual. The fact that it is of a higher density means that it will soften when the body comes in contact and will begin to mold to the shape of the body in less than a couple of minutes. The memory foam will then develop into its original shape once the individual has moved away and the memory foam has cooled down.


Memory foam is manufactured so as to create comfort for the individual. It has become cheaper in the recent years which means that it can now be used in beds and in many other situations. It is also used in medical situations such as that for cushions on wheelchairs. The fact that it has now become so cheap means that it can be used in most situations and many individuals are benefiting from the complex material. Some forms of memory foam have other ingredients added such as green tea extract, and a form of charcoal that is activated that will help the memory foam reduce an odor and develop a sense of aromatherapy in the individual who is sleeping on the mattress. Some forms of memory foam also use bamboo and this is woven into the material so as to wick away any moisture that is created when the individual is sleeping on the material. This creates a need for a more comfortable experience when sleeping on the mattress and will mean that the individual stays dry through out the night.