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Our hotels are certified by the major associations, and each hotel is located within downtown Tokyo, Japan. Placing you closer to Tokyo’s main attractions. Choose from discount to luxury hotels in Tokyo, Japan. Design a trip that you have always imagined, using our travel packages to quickly and easily customize your travel plans. All hotels are within 15 minutes of Japan’s Airport. Have peace of mind knowing your Tokyo hotel reservation with Tokyo Hotels Japan is with an accredited hotel in Tokyo, Japan and at the best rate.

Tokyo is a collection of cities that have grown together over time. Tokyo’s districts vary wildly by character, and if you don’t like what you see, get on the train and head to the next one, where you will find something entirely different. If possible try and avoid the rush hour crowds as they jostle in packed trains and make their way through complex stations. The biggest part of the Tokyo experience is just wandering around at random and absorbing the atmosphere, sampling restaurants with new foods and finding serenity in the unexpected. The first time visitor may be intimidated by the sheer size and frantic pace of Tokyo, yet Tokyo is extremely safe, and everyone is extraordinarily helpful, as long as you are willing to just ask. For the English speaking traveler it has never been easier to navigate your way around Tokyo. Signs at subway and train stations include the station names in romanized characters. It is always helpful to know some basic words for ordering in restaurants, shopping in stores, and asking for directions and learning the katakana script will be a helpful tool. If you plan on asking for directions to Tokyo destinations, it helps to carry the name of the destination written in Japanese characters. The cost of traveling in Tokyo is now comparable to most other large cities such as; San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Toronto. Travelers should budget the same amount of money for their stay in Tokyo as they would for any other great city in Europe or North America. The experienced thrift traveler is always able to get by with a little ingenuity.